Soul-Full Sundays Series - Meet Your Wellbeing Practitioners

Covid-19 has affected us all, some in greater ways than others. Micro and small businesses (and local residents) have been struggling through a myriad of ever-changing circumstances to keep businesses and themselves safe.

With expert practitioners particularly affected, Wellbeing Showcase decided to 'Pay It Forward For Practitioners' by putting some of our expert exhibitors in the interview 'hot seat'!

A number of Soul-Full Sunday interviews are now live and circulating on social media - especially for you to meet your local experts. Experts who are available to help you get the most out of almost all areas of life today.

This initiative was done, for free, to boost awareness of just how important your wellbeing and small business is and will be going forward. The people behind the small and micro-businesses being interviewed will fill your soul with inspiration... From counsellors to artists, weight management to dance, there's something there for you!

Meet the people who are here to support you right now, try something new through our Soul-Full Sundays. Bring yourself to health and wholeness.

New Soul-Full Sundays interviews are posted on Sundays at 1 pm on our Wellbeing Showcase Facebook Page or catch the replays here. Remember to like and share our page - sharing is caring.

Either way, learn, connect and celebrate your wellbeing. Support local practitioners. Buy local and keep your community going: