Hackney Wellbeing Showcase

Alexander Technique and 21st Century Posture Workshops

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  • Logos and Images

Daniela and Jessamy trained together as Alexander Technique Teachers in North London and soon became interested in collaborating to bring this mind body work to the community in order to address 21st Century Posture. The Alexander Technique is an educational process where you learn the tools to look after yourself with focus on movement, balance and poise. We are both focused on developing accessible and engaging community courses for all ages that will help you learn how to avoid strain and stress in every day modern life though becoming aware of how you use modern technology, understand your body map, and other practical activities.

On the day, we can offer a 21st Century Posture session with either Jessamy or Daniela. Without judgement, this gives you a chance to explore your habits with mobile phones or laptops that can contribute to stress and pain. You will leave us with one or two simple personal strategies to further explore in your own time and an educational leaflet written by us with further tips.