Hackney Wellbeing Showcase

Caroline Sears Alexander Technique E8

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  • Logos and Images

Improve your posture…..
Using Alexander Technique - a gentle hands on guidance,
I teach how to observe tension and postural habits that you may have developed over many years.
In my lessons you will discover how to use your body in a more coordinated way to prevent injury or alleviate pain.
You will also improve your, breathing and your posture, enabling you to develop your technique in any activity from sitting at your desk, using a mobile phone, to yoga, swimming, running, cycling and walking…….
If you suffer from anxiety and stress, recurring back pain, RSI, muscular tension, painful joints, or text neck then the Alexander Technique will help.
Come and discover the technique and how it can help you and give you a ‘toolbox’ of thoughts and ideas to use on a daily basis.