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Featherock Therapy

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We all experience more than one type of relationship. These can be with family members, a romantic partner, friends and work colleagues. In all relationships there are energy exchanges, however, sometimes they can become toxic, which can be identified when one side is investing more energy than the other. Over time this energy depletion could surface as illness, financial issues, weight issues, lack of confidence, and general depletion in success as our Chakra system become blocked or unbalanced.

Jo Cieloch helps women who have been through toxic romantic or workplace relationships, by helping them connect to their own soul's plan, reclaim their inner goddess so they can sparkle again to create the life they desire.

Jo is a Spiritual Counsellor, Coach, Hypnotherapist, Chi Kung/Qigong Instructor, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Professional Tarot and Advanced Soul Plan Reader... and loves the power that Laughter holds!

Jo will be giving Mini Soul Plan Readings, Tarot Readings, and selling a selection of Crystal Pendants and Bracelets