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  • Logos and Images

I am a psychotherapist specialising in one-to-one therapy to adults covering loss and grief work.  I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and I also have an MSc in Health Psychology. 

I specialise in seeing clients who have experienced loss and grief.  Even in situations where we do not experience bereavement explicitly – in divorce, for example, or when events conspire to permanently deny us certain opportunities – we can experience this shattering dimension of loss.

It can be very difficult to talk about these issues, others do not know what to say to you, and may even minimise your loss, which can be very traumatic. It can be a great relief to speak to someone non-judgmental, who really listens and can understand the world from your perspective.

I specialise in working with clients who are dealing with loss, particularly

Termination of pregnancy
Diagnosis of foetal abnormality
Loss of a loved one/bereavement
Relationship breakdown
Chronic illness