Celebrating Community Wellbeing

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Meet your local wellbeing practitioners

Celebrating Community Wellbeing

Discover London’s Premier Wellbeing talent, under one roof, in one day on your doorstep…

Learn from the best of your borough’s wellbeing experts, bliss out with your local therapists, enhance your health and wellbeing knowledge and discover cutting edge Wellbeing Providers.

Bringing your local wellbeing practitioners to your doorstep and supporting charity at the same time – it’s all about celebrating you and your community.

What to Expect

Nurture your mind, body and soul. We’ve got everything from Acupuncture to Zen Meditation.

Three ways to get you feeling great:

Spa Zone

Create your version of Zen by sampling our therapy taster sessions

Speaker Zone

Inspire yourself with awesome talks and workshops throughout the day

Shopper Zone

Explore, talk with experts and indulge in some retail therapy

Wellbeing Showcase Organisers

Learn more about our team

After a whimsical email looking for volunteers in 2016, three brave women stepped up to the call of adventure. Since then we have travelled the long road to celebrating all things wellbeing together. Each of us has a unique talent and gift we bring to the Wellbeing Showcase...

Customer Accolades

"The event was so good and diverse with so many different stalls and talks and section it was a great day thank you so much I had a great day xxxx"

– Business Owner

"Prior to the event I was well supported and updated regularly. I enjoyed every moment during my time at the Enfield Wellbeing showcase, meeting new people and potential future clients. I will do this over again, and I can't wait to take part in the next show case."

– Business Owner

"Thank you so much for organising such a great event. We had a fantastic time. Hope to be at your next event."

– Business Owner

"Fantastic day, loved it!"

  •   Visitor

"Thank you again for such a well organised event!"

  • Visitor

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